Studies of cognitive decline due to hearing loss

Hearing loss is a growing epidemic.  Roughly 48 million Americans of all ages suffer some degree of hearing loss (source:  This is important for various reasons.  Today, I want to focus on the relation of hearing loss and cognitive decline, especially dementia.

Compared to individuals who have normal hearing, those who have hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia, shows a 2011 study.

Those with mild hearing loss are 2 times more likely, moderate hearing loss 3 times more likely, and severe hearing loss 5 times more likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing.

While other factors that are associated with high risk of dementia, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and age, were taken into account, hearing loss and dementia are still strongly associated.

The findings are from a study published in 2011 by Frank Lin, an otolaryngologist and epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD.  Lin and his team followed 639 patients for 18 years.  None of the subjects had cognitive impairments at the beginning of the study, however, some did have some degree of hearing loss.  Throughout the 18 years of follow ups, there were 58 cases of dementia diagnosed among the 639 patients.

Now, I don’t have near the intelligence as Dr. Lin, but I will say this, there is no denying the fact that the relationship between the ears and the brain is strong.  Doesn’t it make sense that if you are not hearing appropriately, that you won’t remember appropriately?  In 2015, an estimated 5.3 Americans of all ages have alzheimer’s and every 67 seconds someone else develops the disease.  (Source: http//  Research indicates social isolation, issues with shared brain function pathways and hearing loss-related sensory overload may be important risk factors.  (Source: Lin, et al: Hearing loss and cognitive decline in older adults. JAMA Internal Medicine 2013.

If there is no denying, that better hearing would also mean better and stronger brain activity and function, why wouldn’t you take the step towards better hearing today?

Hear Again LLC Newsletter Issue 1

Volume 1 – Issue 1

Thank you in advance for checking out Hear Again LLCs monthly newsletter. Please take a few minutes and think about your hearing and read my monthly newsletter. Each month I will have a calendar for any outside events or presentations where you can find me, educational information on hearing loss, hearing aids, and anything related.
I’ll start with a brief introduction for now. My name is Aaron Garabrandt, and I have been in the industry since 2008. I currently serve the Coshocton & Zanesville areas, as an independent Hearing Aid Specialist. Hear Again LLC was founded late 2014 and opened the doors in March of 2015 in Coshocton. I have recently opened my 2nd location in Zanesville.
For the month of August, I have 2 presentations scheduled. The 1st at the Coshocton Senior Center ( on Monday August 15th 2016. The presentation will begin at 11:15 and last roughly 30 minutes. The goal is to help create more awareness of hearing loss, and to help others understand the impact that hearing loss can have on the quality of life. I will make myself available for hearing tests after. Please let me know if you would like to be tested so I can plan accordingly.
Presentation number 2 will be at Seton Zanesville ( which is located at 516 Sheridan Ave in Zanesville. I will be starting at 1:00 and again, speaking for about 30 minutes. If you wish to have your hearing tested afterwards, please schedule a time. I will be available as long as needed. The topic of discussion will be similar, outlining the basics of hearing loss and the impact hearing aids can have on the quality of life.
When most people think about hearing loss, they typically think age must be a factor. Age does of course play a factor, however, noise induced hearing loss is the leading cause of hearing loss. Roughly 34% of those who experience hearing loss, experience the loss because of noise related environments vs 28% associated with presbycusis (age related hearing loss). While there are other factors considered (diabetes, ototoxic drugs, infections or injury) noise induced hearing loss is the type of loss that is preventable (and I say that somewhat tongue in cheek).
Anyone from truck drivers to law enforcement officers to heavy equipment operators to your teenager with his or her earbuds in with the volume maxed out, are more susceptible to hearing loss because of the damaging noise levels. Understand, this doesn’t happen overnight but over time. While it does typically take years & years for noise induced hearing loss to take its toll, it will take its toll. Ironically enough, despite it being the leading cause of hearing loss, it’s also the only type of loss we can have any control over.
Anytime we find ourselves around the things that can cause damage to our eyes, we wear safety glasses (typically) no questions asked. When it comes to our ears, do we ever even think about the damage loud noise can cause? Most of us would say no. While it’s not an easy habit to get into, a good set of earmuffs will last for years and save you several thousand dollars in years to come. Not to mention the hearing health end of it. We should all take better care of our hearing, and one of the best ways to do that is to wear ear protection when you are around loud noise for a prolonged period of time.
I’ve included a chart to help demonstrate common noise levels.

Call me today at 740-552-1519 if you think you might have challenges with your hearing, would like to schedule a test and fitting, or if you just have questions in general.

Welcome to Hear Again LLC

Welcome to Hear Again LLC’s blog page. Check back here monthly for industry news, educational pieces, tips for coping with hearing loss, care for hearing aids, any promotions, and just about anything related.

For a little history on myself and the company, I grew up in Tuscarawas County close to Tappan Lake. My wife & I and our 2 children (now 3) moved to Coshocton, Ohio in 2009. I have been in the industry since 2008. I started working with one of the bigger names in the industry for about 3 years. Shortly after, I started working for another large practice located in Canton, Ohio. I opened Hear Again LLC on March 16th , 2015 in Coshocton (located at 1766 Otsego Ave). I provided in home testing & fittings (and still do) and worked with multiple manufacturers. Less than a year & a half later, on June 21 st , 2016, I opened my 2nd location in Zanesville, Ohio (located at 2809 Bell Street Suite C).

Hearing loss is becoming a growing epidemic, being the 3 rd most common physical condition behind arthritis & heart disease. To help create awareness about hearing loss, all month of August, Hear Again LLC is issuing a 30-Day Challenge.

The challenge is really broken down into 2 parts:

Part 1: Get your hearing tested!

Since hearing loss is typically a gradual occurrence, most don’t recogni even if they have substantial loss until years after the fact. That being said, there is only one way to find out. Through a hearing test. Don’t be mistaken either, age is not the only factor to consider when trying to understand hearing loss. (We’ll dive into this more on a future post.)

Part 2: Get Treatment if Recommended!

Hear Again LLC will waive any non-refundable fee (at either location) to try a pair of hearing aids for 30 days! Nothing to lose, 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see the value in better hearing! Most people don’t try hearing aids because of the cost, but most of the ones that do try, have great success and satisfaction on the overall experience. But let’s not let the money be an issue. We can find a product that fits MOST losses, lifestyles, and budgets. And again, 100% money back guarantee the whole month of August!

Call today for an appointment. Allow roughly 90-120 minutes (if a loss is discovered) for the complete exam, explanation of the results, and discussion of options.

If you have noticed a change in your hearing, if anybody has ever told you to get your hearing checked, or if you know somebody who should have their hearing checked, call us today!