Getting Help with your Hearing – Part II, the Fitting and Delivery

The most exciting part of hearing aids is the delivery process.  Your hearing practitioner is fitting you with hearing aids for the first time.   You will be able to hear all the sounds and speech you’ve been missing for years.  The volume on the TV will go down, you will be able to hear the message at church clearer, and you won’t have to strain to hear your grandkids.  Your quality of life will begin to change for you, and for those around you, simply because of your hearing.

If you have worn hearing aids in the past you already have an idea of what to expect.  However, if you are dealing with a new specialist, audiologist, or a new product there will still be change.  Better service and better technology should increase your quality of life.

Overall, your fitting and delivery should last about 45 minutes.  We will cover several different matters, such as how to use the volume control and program switches (if available).  We’ll also cover other basics like batteries, maintenance, and overall quality care of your new hearing aids.

This will also be the first time your new hearing aids will be programmed to your hearing loss.  Chances are your voice may sound a little different.  You will probably hear things in my office that you don’t recall hearing when you first came in.  This is all normal and part of the process.  If somebody joins you for this visit, they should sound quite a bit better too!

Depending on the model you purchase, you may be able to leave with your hearing aids that day.  If this is the case, you can expect a 2-3 hour visit (for the whole process, test and fitting).  At Hear Again, I want to be able to help you right away if I can.

Congratulations!  You have taken another (and maybe one of your biggest steps) of better hearing!  It doesn’t stop here.  This is a lifelong journey that I want to be a part of with you.  The transition into a new hearing aid won’t always be easy, but I’ll be in your corner with you doing what I can to help.  You’ll see me in a week for your first follow up.  Good luck and enjoy your hearing aids!