Follow Up Care Part III

After picking up your hearing aids, you should be scheduled for a check-up in 1 week.  We will want to know everything that you have experienced in your 1st week with your new hearing.  Expectations are very critical and there will be some obvious improvements.  It will be easier to communicate with those around you, the TV will be easier to understand (at a lower volume), among other things.  There will also be sounds that may seem a little loud in the beginning such as water running, dishes being put away, and cupboards closing shut.  This is all normal.  After all, let’s not forget we are treating a hearing loss, certain sounds will be louder.

That 1st week is very important as we will be adjusting based on your experience during that time.  Some may leave the office with no adjustments needed, as they seem to be very comfortable overall with the way they are hearing.  Others may require some adjustments, and that is fine as well.  It should be expected.

Depending on how that 1st follow up appointment goes, it should set the tone for the rest of your visits.  If no adjustments are needed, or if you are comfortable with a minor adjustment, we start scheduling for every 4 months (or as needed).  We do this for many reasons.  Hearing aids are a very small, sophisticated device that require regular cleaning and maintenance.  We want to make sure they are performing at the highest level capable.  Every year, we also want to re-evaluate your hearing.  Since hearing aids do not restore our hearing, or keep us from losing more of our hearing, we want to make sure the aids are keeping up as the hearing loss progresses.

If several or any major adjustments are needed on that 1st follow up, we will want to schedule again 1 week later to ensure things are heading in the right direction.  Everyone has a different experience with hearing aids and some hearing losses are much more challenging to fit than others.  While most who wear hearing aids do well and realize how important it is to hear, not everyone experiences success.  At Hear Again we want to make sure that you are successful with your new hearing aids.  While it is rare, we will see you 3-4 times, if necessary, during that 1st month to ensure that you are satisfied.

Follow up care is extremely important to ensure success with your devices.  We want to work with you as best we can to ensure you are successful and comfortable with your hearing and your trust in us for years to come.