Happy New Year Friends

The New Year is here and if you are like the millions of other people (and me) who made resolutions, good for you!  We vowed to be a better, happier, & healthier version of ourselves – to strive to make changes to enhance our quality of life, but there is one area that is often overlooked …. our hearing!

Ok, I know what you are thinking …. “my hearing is not that bad” or “I can turn the volume all the way up” or “my friends don’t really mind repeating themselves or others” (fyi, yes they do!).

I get it, coming to terms with any degree of hearing loss can be difficult.  So, listen up, let’s not take our ears for granted.  You are not alone, hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States.  Our hearing is affected by not only age, illness, and genetics, all of which can play a role in hearing loss, but also some medications and many sources of loud and ongoing noise.

Those suffering from hearing loss may experience feelings of isolation, loss of confidence, or even deterioration of our relationships.  Studies have also found that hearing loss (even subtle loss) is linked to depression and feelings of isolation.  Those experiencing hearing loss may have unresolved feelings they cannot understand, which can be linked to the five stages of grief.  These are denial (not me-I can’t be losing my hearing!), anger (why me? What did I do to deserve this?), bargaining (let me hear better, I promise I will ……), depression (sad, isolated, & alone) and finally acceptance (I got this! Hearing loss is nothing I have to live with)!

That’s right you do have this, but you are not alone, Hear Again, LLC can help you with your hearing loss no matter what degree of loss you are experiencing.  Why not take that first step and resolve to improve your hearing in 2017!  Hear Again, LLC offers FREE hearing tests in each of our two locations (Zanesville and Coshocton) or in your home for your convenience.  Contact us today!!