Happy February Friends

Well, February is here and with it comes Valentine’s Day.  A day devoted to celebrate romance and love for our significant other, family, and friends, and a time to shower them with cards, chocolates, or flowers!  Although there are several tales about St. Valentine, this tradition and how it all began, one thing I know is that we should show our love for our loved ones every day!  Now don’t panic, that doesn’t mean sending chocolates or flowers every day, we know that can get expensive.  But think about when you speak to your family and friends, do you find that you are often repeating yourself or you get off the wall answers to simple questions? Do you find that the volume to their TV is often set very loud?  If so, these could be indicators of hearing loss.  So what can you do for your loved one?  Tell them about the free hearing tests offered by us at Hear Again, LLC.  If your loved one is not able to come in to either of our office locations (Zanesville or Coshocton), then be sure to ask about the in-home visits available ~ yes, Hear Again, LLC can come to your home and provide free hearing tests too.

Hear Again, LLC, offers free hearing tests, yet, some people still ask us about insurance coverage for their hearing aids. The truth is, some do have coverage, but many do not; however, if you have Medigold, chances are you have great benefits for hearing aids through a partner of ours, TruHearing. Great technology at a great price. Ask us about TruHearing during our visit, we will be happy to see if you qualify.

So, the history of Valentine’s Day–and the story of its patron saint–may be shrouded in mystery, but one thing is not and that is hearing loss.  Call us today, send us an email, visit us on Facebook, and be a regular visitor to our blog here ….