The Letters BC-HIS & What They Mean

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed some new letters appearing on our website, after my name, and on our Facebook page.  These letters are BC-HIS, or you may have seen them appear as Aaron Garabrandt, BC-HIS!  What do these letters mean?  Glad you asked!  These letters stand for “Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences”. To give you a little insight into what this means, I had to complete and pass a very comprehensive exam consisting of all aspects in the hearing aid industry.  Not just fitting the hearing aids, but otoscopic exams, the testing, troubleshooting, and other areas as well.  It was a process that took time, hard work, many hours of studying, and dedication.  This credential is an indication of the improved quality of service you will receive when you visit Hear Again, LLC.  Actually, we always pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our patients, but now I have the board certification to prove it!  If you wish to find who else is Board Certified in your area, visit  Call us today and let us help you with your hearing concerns – as always our hearing tests are free in office or for your convenience we can come to your home.