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Happy New Year!

2017 is now behind us and as we enter 2018, most of us will be deciding on what changes to make with our health, among other things.  I am no different.  I will be looking to make multiple changes, both personally & professionally.  As I look forward to the new year, I want to continue […]

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I want to start first by wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe December is upon us already. As we approach 2018, many things will be changing at Hear Again.  2017 was a very positive year in many different ways.  We were able to help more people […]

Hello All!

Hello all! As we quickly approach the holiday season I wanted to send a sincere thank you to all of you that have visited my offices in Zanesville & Coshocton this year & before.  It has been a pleasure working with you & I appreciate you trusting me with your hearing care needs.  Without you, […]


Hear Again, LLC, has offices located in Coshocton, Ohio & in Zanesville, Ohio, in addition to offering in home hearing tests. Our mission is to serve the Coshocton, Zanesville and surrounding areas over the years to come by providing the quality and care that people search desperately for with their hearing.  We know it’s a […]

Technology & Hearing Aids

This month I want to write a bit about technology.  Today technology has afforded us many conveniences, such as bringing us closer to friends and family, bringing the news to us faster, and helping us to manage our day-to-day activities.  Hearing aids are no exception, and ReSound brings us the LiNX²™ hearing aids, in which […]

A Study on Hearing Loss

Hello Friends,  A while ago a friend, who is hearing impaired, was doing a “study” (for lack of a better word) for one of her college courses.  The project was intended to help those with normal hearing understand more of what it’s like to be hearing impaired.  The study consisted of 3 activities, which I […]

Follow Up to Better Speech & Hearing Month

Hello Friends, Last month’s better speech and hearing month may have come to an end, but our job to raise awareness for hearing loss is never ending.  A new national survey of U.S. adults recently released indicates that a significant percentage of Americans are also concerned that exposure to loud noise in leisure settings has […]

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Hello Friends: With more than half of Americans who experience noise-induced hearing loss not working in noisy jobs, the spotlight turns to what Americans are doing in their leisure time. May 1st  marks the beginning of Better Hearing & Speech Month—a time to assess lifestyle habits that may be contributing to hearing loss as well […]

The Letters BC-HIS & What They Mean

Hello Friends, You may have noticed some new letters appearing on our website, after my name, and on our Facebook page.  These letters are BC-HIS, or you may have seen them appear as Aaron Garabrandt, BC-HIS!  What do these letters mean?  Glad you asked!  These letters stand for “Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences”. To […]

What Sounds of Life Are Important To You?

Hello Friends, During February, we were blessed here in Ohio with a bit of unseasonably warm weather.  It didn’t last long, but we sure enjoyed it while it was here.  The smell of spring was in the air, flowers were beginning to bloom, the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping.  February also ended […]