Happy New Year!

2017 is now behind us and as we enter 2018, most of us will be deciding on what changes to make with our health, among other things.  I am no different.  I will be looking to make multiple changes, both personally & professionally.  As I look forward to the new year, I want to continue the growth of the business, as well as a father & husband at home.

One thing we will be doing different at Hear Again is the addition of our online store.  Multiple items are now available for purchase, including hearing conservation.  We have (as of now) 2 different earmuffs to help protect your hearing around noisy situations, such as shooting guns or working around heavy equipment.  Check out our store today!  If there is something specific you might be looking for but can’t find it on our site, feel free to reach out and let me know.  I’d be happy to try and find it for you.

As for improving your hearing, maybe this is the year to take that step.  At Hear Again, we know it is a big step, and we treat it as such.  We want to be able to help you through the process.  Taking away the hassle and stress of such a large purchase.  Not only do we offer top end technology at competitive pricing, we are here to help and give you the ongoing care and service that is important for the longevity of your hearing aids.  We are here to help.

Call us today to schedule your free hearing test at one of our 2 locations located in Zanesville and Coshocton.  We can be reached by phone or text at 740-552-1519 or email at aaron@hearagainllc.com.

Thank you all for your continued support and again happy new year!

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I want to start first by wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe December is upon us already.

As we approach 2018, many things will be changing at Hear Again.  2017 was a very positive year in many different ways.  We were able to help more people with their hearing in one calendar year than we have since we opened our doors in 2015.  We are definitely excited to see what 2018 holds.  All of that being said, I want to thank each & every one of you for putting your trust in me with your hearing care.  It means everything to me and I am very blessed to be able to help.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding several products to our website available for purchase.  Including, but not limited to, tinnitus maskers, low frequency smoke alarms, hearing conservation, assisted listening devices, & more.  We understand that not everyone may be in the market for a hearing aid, but that doesn’t make our hearing is any less important.  We want to be able to help all of you with your hearing care needs.  We will touch on some of these items in upcoming blog posts.  If you are looking for something specific related to hearing or hearing loss, please reach out to us & we’ll see if we can add it to our list.

Finally, as we wind down the year, we are offering several discounts on our direct to iPhone & rechargeable hearing aids.  These discounts won’t last long, and we have several options to choose from.  If you haven’t taken that step towards better hearing yet, or if you are overdue for an upgrade, the holidays are the best time to get the help you need.  There is nothing like the gift of hearing when spending time with those closest to you.  Call us today to schedule your free hearing test at 740-552-1519.

Once again, have a great holiday season!



Hello All!

Hello all!

As we quickly approach the holiday season I wanted to send a sincere thank you to all of you that have visited my offices in Zanesville & Coshocton this year & before.  It has been a pleasure working with you & I appreciate you trusting me with your hearing care needs.  Without you, none of this would be possible.  THANK YOU!

As we gather with family & friends this holiday season, those of you who experience difficulty with your hearing may notice now more than ever.  Noisy households, big dinner gatherings, trying to watch the ballgames while those around you may be complaining the TV is too loud, as well as many other environments that some may find themselves in where hearing deficiency could be more obvious than before.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, the holiday season is the perfect time to get the help you need.  Your hearing is important to your quality of life & the relationships of those close to you.  Why struggle when help is right here?

At Hear Again, hearing tests are always free.  We go through a very comprehensive hearing test, explain the audiogram, & cover options that will fit most hearing losses, lifestyles, & budgets.  We are also here for you after the fitting, scheduling regular check-ups, cleanings, maintenance on the hearing aids, & annual hearing screenings.

Call us today at 740-552-1519 to schedule your appointment.  Now is truly the time to get the help you may need.

Thank you again, Coshocton & Zanesville, for your support.  I look forward to seeing you in the future & helping more of you with your hearing.  Have a great Thanksgiving.


Hear Again, LLC, has offices located in Coshocton, Ohio & in Zanesville, Ohio, in addition to offering in home hearing tests. Our mission is to serve the Coshocton, Zanesville and surrounding areas over the years to come by providing the quality and care that people search desperately for with their hearing.  We know it’s a big step for most, and we will treat it as such with each and every patient that walks through our door.  Yet, we find that our mission does not end there and we have decided to donate 5% of all hearing aid fittings until the end of October to hurricane relief in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  So are you ready to take that step for the first time? Ready to upgrade your current hearing aids or perhaps you know someone who could use the help? Then now is a great time to do it.  Visit our partners page on our website to view some of the hearing aids available, http://hearagainllc.com/partners/.  Then call us to schedule your free hearing test in Coshocton or Zanesville at 740-552-1519. We are here to help you and your loved ones in more ways than one!

Technology & Hearing Aids

This month I want to write a bit about technology.  Today technology has afforded us many conveniences, such as bringing us closer to friends and family, bringing the news to us faster, and helping us to manage our day-to-day activities.  Hearing aids are no exception, and ReSound brings us the LiNX²™ hearing aids, in which you can experience a vivid sense of space and speech.  ReSound LiNX² is proven to deliver up to 30% better speech clarity than other premium hearing aids on the market, and it features the industry’s most accurate noise reduction.  With this technology, you can hear more of what you want to and less of what you don’t.  These made for iPhone® hearing aids connects with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices to make your hearing aids work like a wireless stereo headphone.  It allows you to stream phone calls, music, & YouTube videos, directly from your iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch devices.  Simply download the free app (compatible with both Apple & Android devices) to use as a remote control.  This app allows you to adjust volume, treble, and bass, create favorite programs, control your wireless accessories, and enhance your listening experience in challenging sound environments – all without touching your hearing aids.  (Direct streaming is not available with Android at this time, only Apple).

Are you, or someone you know, interested in learning more about this great technology?  Call or email us today and remember hearing tests are free in our office or in your home.

A Study on Hearing Loss

Hello Friends,

 A while ago a friend, who is hearing impaired, was doing a “study” (for lack of a better word) for one of her college courses.  The project was intended to help those with normal hearing understand more of what it’s like to be hearing impaired.  The study consisted of 3 activities, which I will outline below & give examples of each activity & then summarize her findings.  

Activity #1 – One person uses a set of sound plugs (to simulate a mild/moderate hearing loss).  That person then picks a card (does not read it) and hands it to another member of the group.  That member places the card over their mouth & reads the phrase on the card for the “hard of hearing” member to repeat.

Activity #2 – One person uses a set of sound plugs & headphones to simulate more of a moderate/severe hearing loss.  The same person again picks a card & hands it to another group member to read.  This time, the readers mouth is visible, allowing the “hard of hearing” group member to read lips.  The reader recites the phrase on the card for the “hard of hearing” individual to repeat.

Activity #3 – Sound plugs were again used to simulate the mild/moderate loss.  A card is picked from a member in another room who then makes a phone call to the “hard of hearing” individual reciting the phrase on the card.

What did the organizer of this college study find out about hearing loss? Out of the group of 6 people who were a part of the activity, the conclusions were made that when trying to communicate with hard of hearing individuals it is important to enunciate, keep your mouth visible for easier lip reading, and to try and be more sympathetic & understanding to those with hearing loss.  It is also worth noting that each individual experienced different outcomes & levels of difficulty with each activity conducted.  

What does this study tell us? For those of us with family members suffering from hearing loss it helps to put yourself in their shoes. Speak slowly and be sure to enunciate your words, be patient, and call us for a free hearing test … in office or in the comfort of your own home.

Follow Up to Better Speech & Hearing Month

Hello Friends,

Last month’s better speech and hearing month may have come to an end, but our job to raise awareness for hearing loss is never ending.  A new national survey of U.S. adults recently released indicates that a significant percentage of Americans are also concerned that exposure to loud noise in leisure settings has harmed or will harm their hearing.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) commissioned this survey, of more than 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.  In all, 41% of all adults polled are concerned that past exposure to loud leisure settings may have harmed their hearing, while more than half (51%) worry that future exposure could continue to be harmful.  In addition, this survey shows that more than one-third of those polled said that loud noises have reduced their enjoyment of out-of-home activities.  Somewhat surprisingly, the youngest generation polled, 18- to 29-year-olds, reported the highest level of dissatisfaction with the noise levels in public places.  All this being reported does bring with it some good news and that is our hearing health is highly valued across all age groups surveyed, or more than 80% of all those surveyed said that their hearing is extremely or very important to them. To us that is nothing new, we know that our hearing is important, yet it is reassuring that this survey reinforces what we already know.

If you are concerned about your hearing or the hearing of your loved ones, the first step is to contact us at Hear Again, LLC for a free hearing test.  Hearing tests are performed at our offices in Coshocton and in Zanesville, or we can do an in-home visit if you are not able to come to us.

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Hello Friends:

With more than half of Americans who experience noise-induced hearing loss not working in noisy jobs, the spotlight turns to what Americans are doing in their leisure time. May 1st  marks the beginning of Better Hearing & Speech Month—a time to assess lifestyle habits that may be contributing to hearing loss as well as schedule a hearing evaluation for anyone with concerns about their hearing.

About 40 million U.S. adults aged 20–69 years have noise-induced hearing loss, a form of hearing damage that results from exposure to loud noises. This could be cumulative harm that developed from exposure over time, or it could occur from one severe episode. Although completely preventable, once it occurs, it is irreversible. Far from simply being an annoyance, hearing loss can affect almost all aspects of life, including physical health, mental health, employment status and success, social functioning and satisfaction, and much more. Hearing loss can be treated through various technologies and techniques under the care of a certified audiologist, but hearing is never fully restored.

In addition to the dangers posed by listening to ear buds or headphones at too-loud volumes and for too long, noisy settings are commonplace in today’s society. Many restaurants are specifically designed to elevate noise levels to make establishments feel more energetic. Similarly, some sports stadiums have been built with sound elevation in mind, thought to improve the fan experience and serve as a home-team advantage. Coffee shops, fitness classes, and more all make modern society a collectively loud place.

Although many people report concern about noisy environments, not nearly enough people are taking the protective steps necessary to take charge of their hearing health—this month and always.  Here are 3 steps that anyone can start with today:

  1. Wear hearing protection. Earplugs and earmuffs are cheap, portable, and (with a good fit) offer excellent hearing protection. Bring them along when you know you’ll be in a noisy setting. Better yet, keep them on you at all times!
  2. Reduce exposure. Take steps to reduce your exposure to noisy settings. Visit noisy establishments during off times, consider quieter settings, and talk to managers if you find the noise level uncomfortable.
  3. Call Hear Again, LLC for a free hearing test. A recent government report stated that 1 in 4 U.S. adults who report excellent to good hearing already have hearing damage. Many adults don’t routinely get their hearing checked, and even those who are concerned often delay treatment for years. Postponing treatment can have serious medical and mental health repercussions in addition to reducing a person’s quality of life.

These recommendations about hearing protection goes for just about everyone, from the youngest of children to older adults, from those with excellent hearing who want to maintain it, to those who already have some hearing loss and don’t want to make it worse.  As a society, everyone needs to prioritize hearing protection.

What can you do?  Contact Aaron Garabrandt at Hear Again LLC for your free hearing test today!

The Letters BC-HIS & What They Mean

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed some new letters appearing on our website, after my name, and on our Facebook page.  These letters are BC-HIS, or you may have seen them appear as Aaron Garabrandt, BC-HIS!  What do these letters mean?  Glad you asked!  These letters stand for “Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences”. To give you a little insight into what this means, I had to complete and pass a very comprehensive exam consisting of all aspects in the hearing aid industry.  Not just fitting the hearing aids, but otoscopic exams, the testing, troubleshooting, and other areas as well.  It was a process that took time, hard work, many hours of studying, and dedication.  This credential is an indication of the improved quality of service you will receive when you visit Hear Again, LLC.  Actually, we always pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our patients, but now I have the board certification to prove it!  If you wish to find who else is Board Certified in your area, visit http://www.nbc-his.com/certificate-search.  Call us today and let us help you with your hearing concerns – as always our hearing tests are free in office or for your convenience we can come to your home.

What Sounds of Life Are Important To You?

Hello Friends,

During February, we were blessed here in Ohio with a bit of unseasonably warm weather.  It didn’t last long, but we sure enjoyed it while it was here.  The smell of spring was in the air, flowers were beginning to bloom, the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping.  February also ended with a spectacular finish to the Super Bowl, fans from both teams cheering for their team to win in an edge of your seat overtime photo finish.  Finally, the tradition of Mardi Gras, the music, the people, the celebrations, and the parades was celebrated as February came to a close.

You may begin to notice a theme with this month’s blog, especially if you are an avid follower of our Facebook page.  During February, we launched the 28 days of hearing in which we posted each day the reasons why our hearing is important and those sounds of life that are important to each of us.  Imagine what our world would be like after suffering from any degree of hearing loss. What it would be like to not hear the birds chirping, to not be able to hear the cheers for your favorite sports team, to not be able to hear your favorite music, or to not be able to hear or understand even a simple conversation?

Hearing loss is not something to make excuses for or write off as a one-time incident.  Your hearing is important and just like going to the doctor when we are sick, the dentist when we have a toothache, or even to the optometrist when we need new glasses, your hearing needs to be taken care of, too.

So, I ask you, what are your sounds of life that are important to you?