May Is Better Speech & Hearing Month

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Being that the month of May is Better Speech & Hearing Month, I thought that this month we should focus on the importance of getting your hearing tested. Most people wait for years before even stepping foot inside a practice for a hearing evaluation. One reason is that hearing loss typically happens on a gradual scale.  That being said, typically we don’t even realize it’s happening. Years and years of noise, medications, and/or aging will take its toll on your hearing. I’ll assume that anyone reading this has some degree of hearing loss or knows someone who does. I like to ask people, if you had normal hearing last night, and woke up with the hearing you have today, what would you do?

Some 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some degree of hearing loss. The impacts on quality of life hearing loss can have could also lead to relationship struggles, depression, isolation, decreased work performance, cognitive decline (Including the higher risk of dementia), the risk of falling and so on.  When we suffer with untreated hearing loss, we suffer in many other areas of our life. Our hearing is how we communicate with those who are close to us. Why would we take that risk when there is such an easier way to make major improvements to the situation?

If someone has been telling you lately that the TV is too loud, or they have to repeat themselves too often, or has came right out and said, “You need to get your hearing tested,” maybe it’s time. The process is simple and well worth the trip.  Start by calling us today at 740-552-1519 to schedule your free hearing test.

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