Struggling To Hear The TV?

It seems to be a familiar problem, after a busy day, you sit down to watch a little TV, and start noticing more and more that actors mumble, background noise seems to interfere in every scene, and the news broadcasters seem to be more difficult to hear. So you turn up the volume. However, this does not always equal clarity, only makes it louder to the point where family members tell you the TV is too loud. Sound familiar?

What is happening? Let’s start with the TVs themselves. Most of today’s larger flat screens have rear facing speakers, making it a disadvantage for all of us. We can also look at the recording of TV sound and the style of acting. While I am not an expert in this area, I have read articles where actors used to speak directly to the camera or to another actor, projecting their voices and with little or no competing noise. Fast forward several years and we now see actors speaking in softer voices and looking away or moving away from the camera as they speak. Lastly, how is your hearing? While the above problems make it more difficult for all of us to hear the TV, even a mild hearing loss will cause even more difficulties.

What can be done? Don’t go out just yet and buy a new TV. Chances are there are more effective options. Primarily, I would encourage a hearing test. Hearing tests only take at most 20-25 minutes and will determine if you have some degree of hearing loss. Hearing tests are free at Hear Again. We also provide a mobile service to where you can have your hearing tested in your home for a small fee.

Hearing aids can be an option for anyone who has hearing loss. There are many styles and options available today. Most hearing aids now are Bluetooth enabled to where a streaming device can be connected to your TV and stream the sound directly to the aids. This automatically increases word recognition on the TV because the softer speech is going directly to the aids. Hearing aids with telecoils may also be an option. Smaller “loop systems” are available that are easy to connect to the TV and T-Coil enabled hearing aids that also improve your word recognition on the TV.

Another option could be a sound bar. While they are small in size, they can drastically improve the sound of your TV. There are systems available as well with several speakers that can be placed around the room to give you more of that “theatre” listening experience.

If you are having difficulty hearing the TV, have any questions about the above mentioned, or- questions related to your hearing, call me today at 740-552-1519 to schedule your appointment in or Zanesville or Coshocton office. We look forward to helping you with your hearing.

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